Promotional documentary

Commissioned by The National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek Cornwall.

During the pup season (September to February), the sanctuary's team of marine biologists rescues, on average, forty seal pups a year. Some have become separated from their mothers, others suffer from injuries caused by machinery or chemicals, a few are entangled in nets and starving: all need help.

The seal hospital's young enthusiastic animal care team of Tamara, Dan, Emma and Jenny are photogenic and affable, with a knowledge and understanding which they impart with ease on camera. The series reveals the intricacies of their work and care and how their personal involvement helps the pups to fight for survival.

Set against a backdrop of the wild Cornish coast and stunning countryside, 'Seal Pup Rescue' shadows the team from the Seal Sanctuary as they battle against the elements to rescue sick and injured seal pups and nurse them back to health, ready for release back to the wild. 

The film premiered at the 2013 Cornish Film Festival.